Tuesday, January 03, 2006

We Need a Patch for That

After reading this post by the Weirdgirl and having struggled with giving FIVE children their medicine I've come to the conclusion that we as parents need to be lobbying the pharmaceutical companies for an amoxicillin patch.

Really if they can put nicotine and birth control in a patch why not amoxicillin? There must not be any parents working there.


workinmom said...

Oh I am so with you on this, and I only have two children.

We literally had to threaten L with taking her to the hospital if she didn't take her antibiotic last week.

A patch would be a wonderful thing.

Leigh said...

Amen! Ditto on pain relievers / fever reducers - I was so thrlled when I discovered those in suppository form, but of course there's no equivalent for antibiotics, which (in our case) always accompanied the pain reliever . . .

A patch for both would be fabulous.