Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Of Ear Infections, Shots, Genetics and Resolutions . . . And Maybe A Dash of Grammar

Ear Infections and Shots
A week ago I took P into the doctor for what I was sure was an ear infection. 2 points for mom - P had a "raging" (to quote the doctor) double ear infection. Off we go to pick up another antibiotic (it just isn't the Save Me home without at least one antibiotic in the fridge). After 2 doses of the pink stuff P was showing signs of feeling better, or at least the fever was gone. After 3 doses all she wanted to do was sleep. After 6 doses she didn't want to sleep or eat and even threw up once. But I decided to write it off to the continuing snotty nose and the new tooth (#4 thank you very much). After 3 more nights without sleep (and a 5th tooth just to keep us on our toes) I had her back at the doctor. Both ears were still infected. I'm dreading the new antibiotic which would most likely be one of the white ones (which all mom's know taste twice as bad as the pink ones and are much harder on delicate bums) when the doctor utters the sweetest words I've ever heard -"I think we'll just give her a shot this time."

This is the point where I jump for joy. No fighting to get medicine down and then praying it stays down. But poor P, you say. No one likes shots. Ah, put P is actually very good at getting shots - she doesn't even flinch and there is very minimal crying. We do have to go back tomorrow to make sure she's getting better. If she not, it's another shot. I'll keep you posted (I'm sure you're dying to know).

I have a confession to make. When I was young and my hair was longer, I used to chew/suck on the ends of my hair. Gross I know. Get over it.

My hair has been short for almost 20 years now except for a couple of occasions (my first 2 pregnancies) when I decided to let it grow out. On those couple of occasions I realized that this hair-chewing habit was not one I had broken, but was merely unable to do because of the length of my hair.

Last year E expressed in interest in growing her hair out. So we have been working to that end. However a few days ago I noticed E doing something eerily familiar -- you guessed it, she was sucking on the ends of her hair. She's very good about stopping when I call her on it, but when do I say enough and make her get it cut?

At the beginning of the year I had 5 resolutions. One of them being to blog everyday. So you may have noticed I'm not doing very well on that one. I do have a couple of very good excuses:
1. It is difficult to blog when ill.
2. It is even more difficult to blog when one's child is ill (see above).
As for the other resolutions, the previous excuses also apply.

Back in my day we took the PSAT (do they even have that anymore?). Part of the PSAT was the TSWE (Test of Standard Written English for those who may not be as old as I am). My freshman and sophomore English class revolved around being prepared for the TSWE - after all if we wanted to be National Merit Scholars, we had to do well on the PSAT including the TSWE.

I don't recall my PSAT scores (although it was good enough to make me a Nation Merit Scholar) but I do know I earned a perfect score on the TSWE thanks entirely to the teaching of Mrs. Houghton. I only bring this up so that you know I do have a good working knowledge of the English language (even if it is not always evident).

During my freshman writing class in college the question of the proper use of parentheses and the dash and if there was a correct time to use one and not the other. The outcome of the discussion was that, other than parenthetical documentation which obviously uses parentheses, the parenthesis and the dash are pretty interchangeable, but that most writers preferred one over the other. At the time I was a committed dash-person, but as you can see I have morphed into a hybrid of a dash-person and a parenthesis-person.

Just thought you might want to know.

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