Monday, January 02, 2006

Save Me From Children Who Will Eat Spaghetti But Not Elbow Noodles . . .

I mean really they are the same thing, just the shape is different. Of course this phenomenom also manifests itself in chips -- sour cream and onion Lays are good, but sour cream and onion Pringles are not. Again it's just the shape that's different. Shredded cheese is a definite yummy unless it's preshredded in a bag, and then it might as well be poison. Shredded cheese must be shredded from the block within sight of the shredded-cheese-eater or it will not pass the taste test.

Of course I do have my own food hang ups. Green and cooked - not going to eat it. Orange and cooked, yellow and cooked are also no-gos. And don't get me started on store-brand Cheerios. They are not the same!

At least I have one great eater and another one in training. Joran will eat almost anything and toothless Isabelle is well on her way to following her older brother.

And then there's the oldest of the bunch who wants to be a chef, but refuses to taste anything new.

Save me.

originally posted Aug 24, 2005

Save me from incomplete thoughts . . . .

So it would seem I didn't really finish my thoughts from last night. But I think you get the picture. School starts in a week. YIPEE!

So whats got me thinking tonight? Not much. Maybe I'll expound on the youngest of the family I.
I is 7 months old. She has mastered crawling and all that goes with it (rolling over, going from sitting to crawling, crawling to sitting, etc). She's not very speedy yet, but she can get where she wants to go, although the hardwood floors do give her fits. And now she is showing signs of wanting to pull up. I am in so much trouble.

She loves to stand. And better than standing is jumping. We all have little bruises on our legs from her tiny toes. When you hold her she can't be still. She's always wiggling and if you let her stand on your legs, she's jumping, jumping, jumping, jumping.

I thinks the world revolves around her big brother J (age 2). You can see it in her eyes -- they light up when she sees him. I know that sounds like romance novel drival, but it actually happens. Didn't believe it was real until I saw it. She also loves his blanket, even though he's not into sharing it. Whenever possible she likes to get her hands on just a piece of it.
Ihas several family nicknames. The big kids call her Issy. J and the adults in the family call her Belle. Of course I can't stop with just one. Sometimes she's "Issybit", other times she's "Ittybit" and worst of all sometimes she's just "Bit." So I, when your in high school and for some odd reason your still known as Bit -- I take full responsibility. Sorry -- okay, not really -- your my itty-bitty baby.

orginally posted July 31, 2005

Save me from fighting twins . . .

School starts in 1 week.

This is a decidely good thing. Although it means I have to get up every morning before 7 am (definately not fun) and get the 3 big kids out the door while taking care of the ittybits, it is still a good thing. Although it means making lunches that at least one of the kids will complain about and force feeding breakfast to a sleepy crew, it is good thing. Although it means the beginning of fights over homework (which I'm told is exponentially harder now that we are in the 3rd grade) and bedtimes, it is a very good thing.

Because the beginning of school also means a return to a predictable routine. It also means the girls will have some time apart from each other, which will hopefully mean they won't be as likely to fight over even the tiniest of things. The beginning of school means a return of quiet --or at least what passes for quiet when there are still 2 kids at home. The beginning of school means a return to weekly visits with my best friend and shopping trips that don't require the patience of Mother Theresa to complete.

originally posted July 30, 2005

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Sarah said...

I re-read this one because the part about shredded cheese just makes me LOL! TFS, Sarah x