Thursday, January 12, 2006

So I've Missed Two Days . . . .

I'm not doing so great on the resolutions -- I've missed two days of blogging, and I haven't started exercising yet. But in my defense on both counts, the sickies didn't leave with the old year. So far I've had strep and P (the child formerly known on this blog as I) has a double ear infection . . . again. While the first left me laying on the couch moaning the second left we laying on the couch with a moaning 1 year old. Neither condition is conducive to blogging or exercising

Enough excuses. Today's topic . . .

I am eating chips and salsa for breakfast. I had it for lunch and dinner yesterday and at least twice the day before. Separately, I don't like anything that goes in salsa. But put it together and I can't get enough of it. My favorite at the moment is Tostitos Medium restaurant Style, although I do run it through the blender before eating - I don't like chunks in my salsa.

Next topic . . .

The breakup of M and E has been quite successful, although M has had a hard time sleeping through P's wakings. I did have to warn E that she would not have her own room for long. Since M took J's space in P's room, J would have to move into E's room when he was ready (okay when I was ready for him to move). Well E latched onto that and was adamant that J needed to move up NOW. So last Sunday my baby J (okay he's 2.5) moved upstairs out of my room.

This is a good thing and without E's pushing I might have put it off for months. All this room switching has had the added benefit of getting us out of the habit of laying down with M and E every night. It was easier to lay down with them then to tuck them back in 12 times each night. But now it's just not feasible.

Now I'm off to catch up on my shows. I love my TIVO.

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