Monday, January 09, 2006

'Til Death Do You Part . . . .

My husband owned a house when I met him. He therefore already had appliances -- an ancient fridge, an even more ancient washer, a new dishwasher that was louder than most sporting events, and an oven that was very adequate for our needs, but nothing special.

During the first seven years of our marriage we had to replace the fridge, the washer and the dryer. The fridge died a slow death that allowed us to purchase a replacement and have it delivered without losing anything but the mayo. The dinosaur side-by-side fridge was replaced with a lower-end, but not rock-bottom, freezer-on-top model because I hated the side-by-side.

When it was the washers turn to go, it two was replaced with a good, but not fancy machine.

The move to our second home required replacing our gas dryer with an electric one. Again, we were modest in our spending, and it's been a good dryer. It's not it's fault that it doesn't match the washer that became our 7th anniversary present when the previous washer died an early untimely death at only 2 years old. This time I insisted on a front-loader, with out really realizing what that meant price-wise. But once decided I could not be swayed.

The move brought into our lives a oven and a dishwasher that, while they worked, were old and ugly. Unfortunately during our four years with them I could never find sufficient cause to replace them. They each tried once to die, but were easily revived with inexpensive parts.

Our third home is a new, semi-custom, job for which we picked out all new kitchen appliances. This time we splurged - but just a little. All black and shiny they are beautiful.

There's a side-by-side fridge with water and ice in the door. Apparently appliance purchases are a little like labor - time makes the pain seem less than it was. I had forgotten how much I truly disliked the side-by-side model, although the water/ice in the door was a big draw. We bought the fancy microwave with sensors and programs for all kinds of things. It makes a perfectly popped bag of popcorn every time - regular or snack size. Which is a good thing - that's about all we use it for.

The silence of the dishwasher is lovely. The location of the silverware basket - not my favorite. I thought having it in the door would be great, but really it's not. I have to think twice as hard about how I load the utensils to be sure they will all get clean. I just don't have the time for that kind of attention and planning now that I have to load faster than Little Miss Grabby Hands can unload.

But these are big ticket items. Not easily replaced. It's not like hating the way a sock fits, so you toss the pair and replace it a few bucks. Nope these are here for the duration. And we bought Whirlpool so we really are in for the long haul. 'Til death do us part.

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