Friday, June 13, 2008

Seperation Anxiety

Wendesday evening we had a huge storm that took out the power and had P wandering the house saying "What is happening, what is happening?"
The storm took out our less than a week old DSL modem, which the service provider assured us they would replace and would even send it overnight and we would have it Friday latest.
Turns out "Friday latest" really meant "Monday earliest." 
When I thought I would only have to live without my connection for two days max, I was a bit jittery, but perfectly capable of surviving.
When I learned that I would have to make it through an additional THREE days without my connection I went over the edge.  Must check blogs right now!  Who cares if I don't have a connection.  I am wireless.  The neighbors are wireless, but have not secured their wireless.  I'm sure they won't mind if I borrow it for just a minute.
Ahhhh.  Much better now.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Downside of Swimming Lessons

I now have a 3 year old who believes she can swim like her older brother and 2 older sisters and better than her 1 older but not bigger brother, but can't touch the bottom of the pool or really tread water for very long, loves to jump in or swim to me without informing me of her plans and has no fear.