Sunday, February 26, 2006

When the Crib Breaks

The crib that P sleeps in is the same crib that C slept in (although I'm sure P has already spent more time in it than C ever did). It is also the same crib that either M or E slept in (you don't really expect me to know which twin slept in this crib do you?). And yes even J slept in this crib.

It has been put together and taken down at least 5 times, lived in 4 different rooms in 3 different houses. It has green paint splattered on it and teeth marks on the rails. It has never been climbed out of (knock on wood - lots of it).

This crib is over 9 years old and was only a $99 crib to begin with. So it really isn't surprising that this crib finally popped a joint last week and is now being held together with Gorilla glue and cable ties.

Dear crib,
I know you have seen much in your 9 years. You watched over my sleeping babies and and the screaming ones too. You've done more than we ever expected you too. Please, dear crib, give me one more year, just one. I'd really prefer to not have to replace you, but P is just to little for a real bed yet. And this mommy needs her last baby to stay a baby just a little bit longer.

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Sarah said...

I totally understand. I cried over the cribs. (: Silly me.

x Sarah