Monday, February 27, 2006

What A Difference A Week Makes

My kids have been out of school for a week (they went back this morning. Yipee). This is called mid-winter break. I have yet to figure why we need this break seeing as it's only been 6 weeks since Christmas break, but it does make for a nice time to trek to the beach without all the crowds and intense heat. Yes, it's still a little chilly, even at the beach, but it's more than made up for by the heated pool and no crowds.

But I digress.

Before mid-winter break it was nearly dark outside when I put the kids on the bus at ten after seven. But this morning, there was light, a lot of light (even if it was only 24 degress). The sun still had a little rising to do, but it was so much better than feeling like I was sending my babies out in the middle of the night.

Could it be that spring is nearly here? The cherry trees are blooming and the pears are following suit. The dogwoods will be next and I've already seen a few daffodils.

Not that I'm eager for it to be summer. But spring would be nice, very nice indeed.

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ali said...

Hey, it's becoming spring here too! Supposed to be 66 degrees here today! No flowers or buds yet in view ... but I'm keeping my eyes peeled!

ali :)