Thursday, February 02, 2006

Gotta Have Shoes

Today is an historic day for our family, particularly for P. Today I purchased P's first pair of real shoes. Yes, she managed to make it to 13 months without owning shoes. I've have purchased shoes for her before, but never with the real intent of putting them on her. What's the point if her perfect baby feet aren't going to touch the nasty ground? It's just a hassle, one more thing for me to remember. But now that she's walking (okay she's been walking for 4 months, so I'm a little behind), and trying to wear everyone else's shoes and whining and screaming whenever we walk by shoes in the store, I figured it was time to get serious and buy the girl a pair of shoes suitable for walking in stores and out of doors.

The problem with shoes for P has been that she curls her toes up whenever you try to put shoes on her, making it very hard to determine if we had a good fit. Today, however, she uncurled her toes and then ran all over the store breaking in her new shoes (and shopping while she was at it. The girl can pull clothes off a rack faster than any baby I've seen.)

I know you wondering how I could have not purchased shoes for her for 13 months. All I can say is that J was 18 months plus before he wore shoes. But that was because I refused to spend $40 for an extra wide shoe and he didn't want to walk anyway. He still prefers to be carried.

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Sarah said...

What a day to celebrate! I'm all for babies in bare feet too. Their toes are the cutest things going.

Your family must have fun. I'm amazed that you run your household with calm. Mostly.