Thursday, February 16, 2006

Emerging From the Fever Fog

After two days of crabbies and two nights of sleeping on the couch with P, which means she gets to sleep and I try to sleep while worrying that her fever isn't coming down, hoping she'll be well enough to get the tubes put in her ears so that this can be our last horrendous ear infection, praying I'll be able to stay awake enough to get through the next day, hoping The Husband remembers to give the big kids their medicine in the morning because there is no way I'll be able to get them off to school, we have emeged from the fever fog.

P slept in her bed and I slept in mine (I'd almost forgotten how good that feels). Unfortunately, this has taught me that just because the kids have tubes in doesn't mean we can't get ear infections. Exhibit A - the bottle of pink stuff in my fridge for J, who had tubes put in 3 weeks ago, and developed a fever the day after P, quickly followed by green stuff seeping from his ears. This is what the drops the ENT gave us are for, but even though M and E had tubes put in 2 years ago, I have never seen this much stuff seep out of ears. M and E never had an infection after tubes.

I suppose I was niave. Now I know better.

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ali said...

Hi Meredith! Just been reading your last few entries and I have to tell you I like your style! Your blogs and short and concise but almost always have me laughing! I like 'em! Keep on writing!

ali :)