Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Down Side of Sleep Training

Two weeks ago P was a perfect sleeper. Down at 7pm, up at 7am. She took two naps and went down for it all with a smile and a coo.

Then the day before she was scheduled to get tubes, she started working on an ear infection. The tubes went in but the ear infection didn't go away right away so it was 3 days before she was up for sleeping in her bed, which is long enough for a 1 year old to become accostomed to sleeping on a warm pillow called Mommy.

Now that she is better, she no longer goes to bed without a peep. Bedtime can be accompanied by screaming. We know from experience that in a few days she will get over this and again be the great sleeper she was a month ago.

Which is why we let her cry last night after we put her to bed. It was by no means her longest crying stint or her worst. And once she's out, she's good for the whole night.

Which is why she slept in vomit (thankfully most of it was on her blanket and not her).

This mommy feels about this big.

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ali said...

Ahh. Poor baby. I'm sorry you felt that small too, Mere, but at least tonight should be better, right?