Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's the Little Things

1. It's definitely genetic. Today I caught M sucking on the ends of her hair. Her hair is a couple of inches shorter than E's so it's just making it to the length that she can do this. So when do I say enough and chop off the hair?

2. The kids have been bringing home these pencils that are driving me crazy. They are cool -- they have glitter on them. But to keep that glitter on them the manufacturers have put a plastic cover over the pencil that is not sharpener friendly. The plastic cover bunches up, gets stuck in the sharpener, etc. I'm starting to toss them in the trash as soon as I can. I like my pencils yellow with red eraser that actually works. I'm a simple girl at heart.

3. P cannot walk by the fridge without begging for something to eat. This girl is going to eat me out of house and home. At least she likes good stuff -- strawberries, watermelon, bananas, yogurt. Although she also has also discovered hot dogs (of which she has had 3 of just today - no flames, I know about the nitrates etc.)

4. 58 degrees in the house is not really great for sleeping. Thank heavens the house is only 8 months old and everything is still under warranty. Well nearly everything, but I won't go into the biggest headache I'm dealing with lately.

5. I love the internet. I'm trying to plan my scout activity for tomorrow. I know what I should do, but wasn't certain I could come up with anything before tomorrow afternoon. Then I googled my topic and bam -- everything I need. Now I just have to spend some quality time with my printer.

6. I hate homework. This is a new aversion for me. When I was in school I just did it. I was a good student (National Merit Scholar - oh I've mentioned that before.) and homework was just part of what I knew I had to do to get the scholarships I needed to go to college. (Geek, Nerd, Brainy, call me what you will I've heard it all.) But now that I'm trying to get my kids, who haven't yet developed the understanding that homework will always be, to do homework, I HATE it. No matter how hard I try to get them to do things before the night before it's due, we still end up doing it at the last minute. This time it was a presidential report - we had Teddy Roosevelt (did you know he didn't like being called Teddy) and we didn't even mention the teddy bear. Next it's a book report. 2 weeks until that's do.

7. The Bachelor. Come on I know you watched it. Finally I think the guy picked the right girl. Although I was unsure down to the wire that he would. Can't wait to here how they are doing.

8. How did we ever live without TIVO? I've only been without it for 2 days and I've decided I want my TIVO back even if it mean sitting in the basement with no carpet and a huge whole in the wall (goes back to the big headache mentioned above). And in a similar vein, how do you central time zone people do it? Sure you're done by 10, but can you really start at 7?

9. The last 5 minutes before the kids gets home seems to fly by, but 5 minutes on the exercise machine seems to last forever. Maybe I should do my 5 minutes of exercise (don't laugh it's all I can manage right now) in the last 5 minutes before the kids get home. Either the exercise would fly by or the last 5 minutes of peace would seem like forever.

10. Spell check is the greatest!

Okay I'm done for today.


Rude Cactus said...

TiVo? Greatest invention ever. I'm thinking about starting a petition for a Nobel Prize for the inventor.

April said...

Yes Meredith, I watched the Bachelor and I'm so HAPPY he picked Sarah! She was the perfect pick for him, and I hope it lasts.

love reading yoru blog.


ali said...

LOL Meredith! I'm with ya on TiVo, didn't watch the Bachelor and the kids' homework is a hard battle to fight.

Fun read! Good luck with your headache!

ali :)