Friday, August 24, 2007

Wash, Dry, Fold . . . . Repeat

Why is it that laundry multiplies faster than rabbits? In my house we* don't consider the laundry to be complete, unless we can get it all (usually 4 or 5 loads) folded before enough new laundry has accumulated to make a new load (what I call a college load - everything goes in regardless of color).  If enough new laundry accumulates during the laundry process then the deadline resets and we try to finish before enough new  laundry accumulates.  Generally it takes a day to do all of the laundry and if we can get it done before the kids change into jammies for the night, we win.  If not, we lose, because 5 kids changing into jammies creates enough dirty clothes to make a new load (and it is pretty much a given that whatever they take of is dirty - it's nearly 100 degrees here, if you walk out side for even a moment you get sweaty and gross, ergo your clothes are dirty.)  And if we don't get done in one day and a load sits in the wash over night it will almost surely have to be rewashed (the Husband has a sensitive nose and will complain loudly if there is even a whiff of something not spring fresh).  And then there is the white load - the most hated load in the house.  All those socks to match and almost nothing that can go straight to hangers.  Unless we are in dire need of socks the white load is always the last load we wash because we would rather let it sit in the dryer and pull clean clothes from there as needed until it's time to put a new load in the dryer rather than fold it.
So anyway, I've explained all this just to complain that we have been unable to "finish" the laundry for nearly a week.  I keep finding clothes and starting a college load to try and get finished, but now it seems to have multiplied and there is enough to actually require sorting and officially starting the process over. 
* this is not a royal we, nor does it include the Husband. This we is largely comprised of my mother who lives with me and, truth be told does a significant amount of the cleaning and laundry, as well as covering child-care duties when I'm running one kid or another to appointments and such.

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April said...

Oh I *so* know the whole laundry quandry! I save all my laundry for one day also, having 5 kids totally makes it add up so quickly.