Friday, August 10, 2007

The Honeymoon is Over

On Monday the kids started school.  They were each up well before the appointed time, bouncy and already dressed. 
On Tuesday they were again up before I came to wake them.  They were not quite as bouncy, but J was thrilled to be riding the bus to school.

On Wednesday, they were awake, but still in bed when I came upstairs to assist with the morning rituals.
Thursday, they were not awake, but the quickly got out of bed when I turned on lights.
This morning was more like the scene in Freaky Friday (okay, not that bad, but it took some definite prodding to get the kids to give up their covers.)

And then when J got home from school, he said, "Today was my last day of school."  I hated to burst his little bubble, but I couldn't let him think he was done.  I gently informed him that he only had two days off and then would go back to school on Monday.  "Okay," was all he said.

One week down.  Now I remember why weekends are so good.

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ali said...

Aww, poor dude. Sad how the thrill of a new year of school fades so quickly. Hopefully it's a good school year though :)