Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bait and Switch

So way back in January, the adults in the house started on South Beach.  We only made it about 3 weeks before gradually dropping back into old habits. The one habit that stuck was using Splenda instead of sugar to make Kool-Aid.  This was especially easy because Splenda had introduced these new Quick Packs that are equal to a cup of sugar - perfect for Kool-Aid. (In an effort for full disclosure I must admit that I use three Quick Packs to two Kool-Aid packs).

So I was doing great until I ran out of Quick Packs and couldn't find them at the local store.  At first I believed they were just out and in a few days (on the next milk run), I'd be able to pick some up.

I tried another store, again no luck.  I checked the Kool-Aid aisle instead of the sugar aisle.  Nope.
During this time, I've been using the little packets to make Kool-Aid.  I just couldn’t go back to using real sugar.
Today I ran out of little packets and had to use  . . . Sugar.  So I did the only thing left to me.
I ordered it online. 
What a world.

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ali said...

Let's hope it gets there fast! Those packets sound cool.