Thursday, August 30, 2007

M 2, Pants 0

Okay, maybe the score isn't completely accurate.  M has been in school for 19 days.  One day she wore pajama bottoms (even I didn't realize it until she got home.  Her defense is that she took them from her pants pile in the closet, so it was oviously my fault for putting her pajama bottoms in the wrong place.  No big deal, they weren't see through, or covered in bunnies), 17 days (including the pajama day) she has returned with her pants covered in so much dirt and crud that you'd think she'd been playing rugby in the rain. 
And on the other two days? you ask.  Holes, big holes, okay half-dollar size holes in her knit pant/leggings.  Holes, as in mulitple holes.
Can you guess what my first question is going to be at tonight's open house?

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