Tuesday, March 07, 2006

World's Cutest Child

Beth, of So the Fish Said, whom I enjoy reading immensely, claims to have the World's Cutest Child. While Mia is truly a doll, Beth is, understandably, biased.

I submit for your viewing pleasure, P, the World's Cutest Child. I, too, am biased, but I believe you'll agree that P would give Mia a run for the crown (and probably win, but that's a mother talking).

So am I right? She's definitely the World's Cutest Child.


ali said...

Couldn't see the picture!


ali :(

ali said...

Those ARE cute Mere! I love the one at the bottom, the baldy-pic with the pursed lips. Priceless!

ali :)

April said...

She is a sweetie! She'd definitely give Mia a run for her money.