Monday, March 20, 2006

Accessories Make the Baby

I have noticed lately that I have a uncontrollable urge to coordinate P's paci with her outfit. Blue pajamas, blue paci. Put her in purple clothes in the morning, swap the blue paci for purple. She ends up in a new outfit after lunch and I again swap pacis.

I know your wondering about several things now. First, blue pajamas. Despite after two older sisters P has very few handmedown's, particularly of the pj kind, since M & E were summer babies and P is a winter baby, the sizes just don't match with the seasons. So she is wearing J's sleepers from last winter. Poor girl only has one pink sleeper.

Yes I do really have pacis in all those colors, plus red and yellow. You know how it goes -- all the paci's disappear, so you buy more and then one day every paci you've every purchased finds it's way home and you have about a dozen of them. So now I have pacis in nearly every color -- I'm missing pink and orange and trying very hard to resist the urge to buy them. P is, after all 15 months old and really should not be sucking a paci all that much longer. (I hear you laughing. It's denial I know, but let me pretend, okay?)

Now, if you'll excuse me, P is currently wearing purple (although 2 very different shades) and sucking a blue paci . . .

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