Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The latest Craziness from My Twins

It started on Sunday during church. E, who is quite the little mother, folded J's blanket into a pillow so he could lay down on her lap. This was seen a unfair by M, she wanted J to lay down on her lap, and brought on a round of tears.

At home the same day M and E asked J, who is not even 3 and can't really be expected to understand the full ramifications of his answers or even that 10 is more than 8, how much he loved them on a scale of one to ten, followed by complaining and crying that he loved one more than the other.

But like the weather, just wait a few minutes and it will change, because J just doesn't have a complete grasp of what numbers beyond two represent yet.

If it's this bad when they are fighting over the affections of their little brother, I'm really not looking forward to the teen years and fighting over boyfriends.

Save Me!

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ali said...

Oh no! Boy crazy already?? Albeit the boy is their little brother, but I fear it does not bode well for you my friend!

Here come the Drama Queens!

ali ;)