Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Brain Dump

I am currently fixated on making the perfect brownie. Now before you think I'm going all Martha Stewart on ya, I'm using a box mix -- Betty Crocker, I think. And I'm not adding anything extra. I just would like to be able to figure out how to bake them without the edges going all crispy, but having the center still cooked. I think I have mastered this, but a brownie really needs to be completely cooled before you can really tell if it's perfect, but my kids like to eat their brownies warm so I can't keep a pan around long enough to be sure.

Survivor. All I can think is that the lack of food is really affecting their thinking. Last week Terry voted for Dan even though they promised they never would. Now I'm not debating the move to vote Dan off. Without the option of voting the lone girl out, Dan was the next most logically choice. But Terry did not have to vote for him to achieve that end. They were so worried about a 2 vs. 2 tie vote that they didn't see that if Terry voted for one of the young guys, Dan voted for the other young guy and the young guys voted for Terry, every would get what they wanted -- Dan out without Terry having to vote for him.

And for all the hype about Exile Island, it really hasn't lived up to the billing. They just don't show us enough of what the poor person has to go through by themselves. Well and Terry had to go and find the immunity idol so early.

Cirie has turned out to be my favorite player so far. She's just watching that tribe disintegrate and gently nudging things along as needed. I hope she manages to stay around a while longer.

School Pictures. Seeing as I take my own pictures of the kids on a regular basis, I don't need the school pic to be great. But is it really too much to ask of a professional photographer to attempt to get a smile out of these kids? Of my three kids I have three unsmiling photos. If this was the only time I had my kids pics taken I'd be devastated. Thankfully for me I'm a talented photographer in my own right.

3 out of 5 of my children do not like Girl Scout Thin Mints. I am shocked and appalled. Unfortunately this disappointing mutation does come from my side of the family. My older brother is also not a Thin Mint lover. Oh well more for me.

Guess that's all for now.

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