Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why I Love My Kids' Pediatrician

But first . . .
Why is it that your throat starts to hurt the instant the nurse swabs your kids' throats looking for strep?  Or does this only happen to me?
Now for the pediatrician. . .
Yesterday I took 2 of 5 to the doctor.  We were seeing the nurse practitioner rather than the doctor.  But the doctor saw us while we were walking back to the exam room.  He smiled and waved.  Nice, but not the reason I think he's fabulous.
As we were leaving, with a diagnosis of 1 strep and 1 probable strep, the doctor talking to another mother who was on her way out.  He finished that conversation and then did a quick job to catch up with us.  He went out of his way to ask, "Everyone okay?"  I gave him our diagnosis and he reminded me to call if we needed anything or thought the others might have the same thing. 
I know it seems like a small thing, but to a mom with sick kids, it means the world.


ali said...

I don't think that's any small thing. That's awesome. Too few doctors are like that anymore. Sad, isn't it?

I'm glad you've found a keeper there. Hope everyone's feeling okay now.

Malachi Cates said...

I feel for you, Meredith. It’s totally a big deal to have a doctor that makes you feel you’re not alone in fighting such a distressing battle. You’re lucky to have a doctor that comforts and assure you that everything’s going to be okay. =)