Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Letter to My Children

Dear Kids
Please enjoy the cookies that your little sister and I baked while you were at school.
Should you think that the cookies are a bit off please do not think that I have lost my touch.
P is learning quickly how to bake cookies, I'm sure in a few short years she will be able to accomplish the task of dough mixing without any help from me -- she knows exactly which ingredients to pull from the cabinets and which measuring utensils are used for which ingredients.  She has not, however, mastered the number of times to use said utensil with said ingredient.
I removed as much of the over used ingredient as possible, but the damage was not completely fixable.
Any, know the cookies were made with love and please don't mention the taste to P.  She would be devastated if you didn't lover her cookies.
With much love,
Your Mother

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