Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sorry for My Absence

But I've spent every spare minute of the past two weeks working on my real estate course, at least until Thursday when I started my one-day-a-week-job, which left me with a huge headache so all I wanted to do was relax when I got home, and I made the mistake of starting a new book on Wednesday while I was waiting for C to have 3 of 7 baby teeth pulled so that he can resume wearing his orthodontic positioner that will hopefully help the adult teeth that had already started coming in behind the baby teeth come in close to straight and maybe he can avoid a second round of braces, and the new book distracted me on Friday so I didn't do my real estate course then either and we also took the little girls to out for lunch and did the grocery shopping and then today I had a photo shoot scheduled with a graduating senior, but my light broke 30 minutes before she was supposed to arrive so I had to push that back so I could run out and buy new lights, and then 3 hours later when I was finished with the photo shoot and I had to go to a birthday party for the little girl we baby sit and the rest of the weekend, and probably Monday, will be spent editing the nearly 200 shots from the shoot because she has to have them submitted for the yearbook before the end of the month and I really must get back to working on my real estate course, so I can't promise I'll be back again any time soon, but I will certainly try because I have these great little tidbits I've really been wanting to share.

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