Monday, June 26, 2006

Weekend Recap

I'll start with Thursday when we watched the rain we desperately needed to soak the 17 pallets of new sod in our back yard slide by our house in a riotous display of wind and lightening without leaving even a drop.

Friday we again watched that rain pass us by again, although it did tease us with a few drops and even more wind.

Early Saturday morning we began the last minute preparations for M an E's 6th birthday party. $18 for a cake I could have made for a lot less, but in the end it was probably worth it -- Publix makes a great cake. Great fun was had by all. We experimented with Floam and found it lacking and altogether too sticky. We continued the rain watch well into the night hoping against the Weather Channel that said the rain was past us, even if the lightening wasn't.

We awoke Sunday to find we had received just enough rain to give the sod a fighting chance.
Somehow it rained again Sunday afternoon and here we are at Monday morning and there is even more rain (although without the fancy wind and light show).

disclaimer - no we are not complete idiots, we have been watering the sod, but a good rain gives much better coverage and it's free.

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