Saturday, June 24, 2006

One Done, One to Go

What a week. Tuesday we had sod delivered for the backyard. Finally the Septic Saga is complete. We have grass in the backyard. It took The Husband and I almost 2 hours to lay a little over one pallet of sod. It took the 13 volunteers (9 from church, my 3 brothers and a friend) just under two hours to lay 16 pallets of of sod.

Today was E and M's birthday party. We are very old-fashioned and have home parties. We don't rent bouncers or water slides. We do a pinata (next year I really need to buy a bat to whack the pinata with), cake and ice cream, some sort of game and open presents. We had small turnout - only 3 of the 10 invited. But at least it was one mutal friend and one girl from each of E and M's classes.

Now on to planning J's party. Thankfully we only have kid birthdays in 2 months so I only have to deal with this stress twice a year.

I promise I will work harder to blog more regularly and have more interesting topics.

For now I'm going to spend some quiet time reading. I'm nearly finished with The Husband by Dean Koontz. I'll give you a review soon.

What are you reading now? I'm always on the hunt for good books.

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