Friday, June 09, 2006

Feminist I'm Not

I'm considering changing doctors for what boils down to one reason - my doctor, a woman with 2 children would like to "have it all" (and by the way her husband is a surgeon which I suppose it both good and bad). She works 3 days a week, and it seems like those days are only mornings or at least not full days. Which means that if I am sick and can't make my appointment 2 weeks in advance I cannot get into see her because she will either be completely booked (why don't they leave a few holes in the schedule for sickies, the ped's office does, or maybe they do, but they get booked up fast too) or not in the office at all. Which leaves me with a slight chance that I could get in with her PA, but often find that she's also booked up. And the the offer of seeing another doctor in the group has never been made (again this is standard practice at the ped's office).

So I am leaving her for another doctor - another woman doctor, who has one child and will be in the office 4 full days a week. Hopefully this works out better. If not I just might have to go back to seeing the male doctor I use to see. Even if I do have to wait forever, at least I can always get an appointment.

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