Saturday, May 24, 2008

À La Carte

There are two things, I've decided that should be sold À La Carte -

Cable channels and cold/allergy medicines.

After speniding 10 minutes looking for a medicine that would cover my recent cold/allergy symptoms without over medicating, I became frustrated. I could cover a couple of symtoms but miss a crucial one, cover only one, cover a few extras but still miss the biggie or take 6 different pills and hope I wasn't accidentally over dosing on something.

It would be so much easier if you could order it like fast food -- I need an order of cough with sinus pressure, hold the fever, but give me a helping of chest congestion and make it non-drowsy.

And as for cable -- well I'm just tired of looking at all the junk on the channel guide and surfing through channels to get to the few channels I ever watch. I don't need VH1, MTV, any of the shopping channels, Lifetime, WE, and so many others are taking up space. But the one channel I do want - nope can't get that one without adding another 30 channels I'll never watch.

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