Sunday, May 25, 2008

Harbinger of Doom

First, is that how you spell that - harbinger - okay, spell check says it's good.

Now maybe you have to be the mother of a child (or five in my case) who has had chronic ear infections who also refuses to take any medicine orally - really she throws it all up - unless it is mixed in her milk or juice in such a way that although she may taste it, the medicine does not completely overwhelm the desired milk/juice flavor . . .

. . . but this morning while trying to get P to open her mouth so I could see if she had any strep like symptoms (since E did and P has not been feeling tip-top this weekend) I got a look in her ear with flashlight and what to my horror did I see but a small blue tube! If I can see it without a otoscope, it is no longer doing it's job!

The last time her tubes fell out, we had 3 back to back ear infections, including one that began the night before she was scheduled to have the tubes replaced and we only managed to get them back in because I cried and begged and the doctors agreed she'd only get worse without the tubes.

And to make it worse, P is currently dealing with a whopper of a case of allergies. Time is running out.

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