Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's Broken - Really - Well Sort Of

M broke her elbow. Two and a half weeks ago on J's birthday (thankfully after the party). Her cast comes off on Thursday. I forgot to tell you? She fell off her scooter. No she wasn't wearing a helmet, but she didn't hit her head (this time, I know already) so get off my back. Yes we own elbow pads, no she wasn't wearing them. She can't put them on by herself and we don't require it, so no pads. Not sure they would have helped anyway.

So again the ER doc says definitely broken. So we head to the orthopedic office. He says he'd be hard pressed to show me where it's broken. What the ER doc said was a break, that looks a lot like a break to me, was really a normal looking growth plate and that the "break" wasn't really visible, but certain things on the x-ray that look like nothing to me, coupled with the pain, swelling (we're talking baseball on her elbow) and her extreme refusal to move it, indicate a break and so she is in a cast (red) for just under 3 weeks, at which point the cast comes off so she can start moving it (otherwise it gets too stiff) and we go home with a removable splint and a "no running no jumping order" for about 3 weeks meaning she will miss the first couple of weeks of PE and recess.

She has been a real trooper. No complaining or crying even though she missed out on swim lessons (which we will hopefully be able to make up during August). We went to Six Flags with the cast on (because the Ortho said definitely not after it came off for at least 3 weeks and by then the ticket she had earned from school would have expired and there is no way we can afford to take 3 kids and 2 adults to Six Flags without 3 free kids tickets and a buy one get one free for the adult tickets ($53 versus $200)) and even road the Mind bender with 3 loops and the Wheelie. Way to go M!

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April said...

Oh No Meredith! Poor girl, I hope her elbow is healing and she isn't in too much pain.