Friday, July 07, 2006

Four Things I Miss Now That I Can't Find Them

1. Mini Taco Shells -- perfect for kid-size hands and just so darn cute. Of course now they have ones with flat bottoms so they stand up while your trying to fill them. Also a great idea, but I still miss the minis.

2. Crustless Bread -- perfect for my non-crust-eating kids, and they miss it more than I do. It was so nice for them to eat and entire sandwich, now we are back to leaving the "rind" and complaining.

3. Huggies convertible Diapers -- I can still find these, but only at Babies R Us and that just isn't one of my usual stores. And to make it even worse, the diapers are at the very back of the store, forcing me to walk by all the cute clothes and such, at the very top of the very tall shelves, forcing me to either look for an associate to assist me (yeah, right) or climb the shelves, especially if I want two packs since I know I won't be back soon.

4. Licorice Altoids -- They took a little getting used to, but they were great. P loved them too. I've checked into buying them online, but I always hesitate when I see how much they want for shipping. P likes the cinnamon altoids as wells, but she eats them by the handful, I visions of her poor little tummy developing an ulcer -- unlikely I know, but worrying is what we mother's do.

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