Saturday, January 26, 2008


As I type the, first of 5 rooms is getting it's second coat of reddish (okay, really dark pink, but don't tell P, she wants red) paint.  And all I have to do is write the check.
The very thought of painting was making me cry and the thought of painting 4 rooms in some shade of red, which seems to be an insanely difficult color with which to get good coverage, was making me think it would be easier to move rather than paint, but moving would probably require painting and, well that leads back to tears.
So I called a friend of my brother's to get a quote, knowing that I probably really couldn't afford to have someone else paint, but I could dream and then her quote was so extrordinarly reasonable that I asked how soon she could start and here we are getting the first room done and I don't have to to anything.
I may never paint again - yup, her prices are that good.

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Jodi said...

Really Rhett? Good book? I got 10 pages in and couldn't keep reading.

Thanks for your comment on Jodifur