Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Things that bother me about Caillou (other than the whining)

Somehow P, now well past 2 and speaking in full sentences with attitude, fell in love with Caillou.  I blame it on the little girl my mother baby-sits.

Although not nearly as bad as Barney or the Teletubbies in my book, most mothers would probably agree that Caillou is a whiney little boy and we’d rather not be forced to listen to him.  But the tantrum that will be thrown by the 2 year old in love with Caillou is more unpleasant and easily avoidable, so Caillou it is.

Aside from the seemingly constant whining, there are several other things I have noticed that bother me about Caillou.

  1. Why is Caillou bald?  I mean really.  He’s 4.  Shouldn’t he have hair?  And if his parents are shaving his head on a regular basis to maintain this look, I think that ought to be explored in a future episode.
  2. Why does Caillou wear shorts and a short-sleeve t-shirt when all the adults in his world are wearing long sleeves?  Yes occasionally he wears a snow suit or a jacket, but generally he looks a little under-dressed compared to the rest his world.
  3. What do Caillou’s mommy and daddy do to put food on the table?  We’ve seen his mommy in the office a couple of times and a few times Caillou’s daddy has been wearing office clothes, but mostly it would seem they are at home.  Or maybe the show is just about what happens on the weekends, because if it’s not, Caillou’s parents have a lot of time off.

Anyone have any answers for me?  I’m not going to go crazy thinking about it, but I sure would like to know.  Especially that hair thing.



Megan said...

I don't have answers but I do have the same questions lol.. next question is how old is rosie? I have a 3 year old and a 2 year old and they both speak better than rosie but rosie doesn't act like a one year old when she draws or anything because she has way too much coordination to be that young!

Megan said...

sorry my link didnt work this one should be right in case you wanted to check it for any reason it's my journal that I rarely find time to write in anymore*sigh*