Monday, September 11, 2006

The End is Near . . .

I saw a commercial once where a Kindie kid had a cell phone on his desk. Forget the other reasons why this would never happen (what teacher is going to let a kid have the phone on his desk), it would never happen for MY kids because they would have to be in high school before I'd let them have their own cell phone.

This is where I eat crow. . .

However, over the weekend (and again today) C has asked to see if he could play with a new friend, one we do not have a phone number for (but we have met, so don't completely freak out). To ease the nerves of this freaking-out mother, the Husband handed C his cell phone that he doesn't use anymore, but we keep a few minutes on so we can keep the phone number because it's a good match for the other cell phone numbers in the house.

Yes, that's right. We gave him a cell phone and he is NOT in high school -- he's not even in middle school.

It's not his own personal phone that he can do whatever he wants with, nor does he get to take it with him every where, but right now he has it.

I want to encourage him to have friends and be outside away from the computer and video games, but letting him do that is a whole 'nother matter if I don't have a way to contact him. So this works.

And then I saw this and well, it's green and small, and I will resist the temptation to run right out and get one for each of the Big Three (what we call C, M & E).

How did my mother ever stand it? We kids used to walk (without an adult or anyone over the age of 12) more than a mile one way, crossing several major roads to go to the 7-11 and I wasn't even as old as C.

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